Low Energy Costs: 5 DIY Guidelines

5 Do-It-Yourself Pointers to Ensure that your Calgary Home is Warm with Low Energy Costs The comfort offered by a warm Calgary home with low energy costs during the cold winter months seems easy to pull off. Heed these five do-it-yourself pointers to help you realize your winter goals. Weather-strip your home’s doors and windows […]

Energy Efficient Furnace: Factors to Consider

Sub-Title: What You Need to Know About an Energy Efficient Furnace The trend involving the preference for furnaces that are energy efficient is the result of the harsh reality where almost 44% of a Calgary resident’s utility bill comes from their home’s cooling and heating costs.But the question remains, how do you choose an energy […]

Maximize your Money with These 7 Furnace Company Tips

The 7 Furnace Company Tips for your Home People usually delay coming in for a doctor’s checkup out of fear on what the doctor will uncover once he finishes his assessment. It is the same thing with a technician visit. You put it off up to the last minute fearing that the technician will find […]

How your Family and Finances Benefit from a Yearly Furnace Checkup

It is an understatement if you say you love winter amidst the frequent shoveling of frozen walkways, and the frustration of having to start your car when it’s 40 C below. Your warm home becomes your haven from the harsh elements. It is imperative that you ensure that your furnace is in excellent condition even […]